Mobile Cranes

Purpose built software developed in conjunction with the crane industry. Allotrac Crane ensures no crew member is assigned to a mobile crane without inductions, qualifications or prerequisites. The simple crew and asset allocation allows for management of mobile cranes, crews and fleets in real-time. Forecasting and planning means crews can receive instant notification of their shifts with one click of a button. Rate cards per-crane type with client specific rates are automatically populated upon job entry with all line items and cost centres seamlessly integrated.

Mobile Cranes

Here are some of our clients from the Mobile Crane industry.

Crane Allocation

Easy crew allocation. 

Simple asset allocation to job.

Ease of job entry with saved templates. 

Rate card per-crane type with client specific rates. 

View available and compliant mobile crane operators and dogmen.

Flag outbound drivers which are non-eligible, eligible or inducted per-contact. 

Flag outbound vehicles which are non-eligible, eligible or inducted per-contact. 


Configure induction by outbound driver or by outbound vehicle. 

Configure induction by contact or site address. 

Make induction mandatory or non-mandatory. 

Flag mandatory or non-mandatory inductions for crane allocation.

View outbound drivers which are non-eligible, eligible or inducted per-contact.

View outbound vehicles which are non-eligible, eligible or inducted per-contact. 

Message Crew

Message crews well in advance with a click of a button. 

Notify all operators and dogmen of their lifts for the following day. 

Ability to notify each crew separately for the following day. 

Configure the information sent to the crews for the impending lift. 

Audit log of the crane job messages sent to crews. 

Pre-Start Checklists

Enable different checklists per-vehicle. 

Call upon another checklist within a checklist. 

Receive alerts on line item failures. 

Operators are forced to comment on line item failures. 

Stop operators from proceeding on critical failures. 

Operators have the option to capture an image per-line item. 

View completed checklists in real-time.

Download multiple pre-start checklists in xls. 

Job Safety Analysis

Configure different JSA per-vehicle. 

Specify ancillary and protective equipment required for each JSA.

Ancillary and protective equipment checklist for operators to complete on-site.

Specify hazards, inherent risk rating, control measures and actions on each step.

Operators to enter the residual risk rating before the lift on the mobility application. 

Specify operator, dogman or site supervisor to be the signatory for each JSA. 

Specify whether a signatory is required on each page or the final page. 

Allotrac Mobile Crane

JSA checklists. 

Pre-start checklists.

Minimum hours tracking per-job. 

Ability to record on-site work performed. 

Establishment and de-establishment time tracking. 

Configure standard or basic fatigue to manage operator hours. 

Sign-on-glass site supervisor signatory required on completion of lift.