General Freight & Line-Haul

Ever missed time slots at distribution centres? Increase customer satisfaction with access to real-time job and vehicle information. Allotrac provides visibility for the end-customer should businesses want to keep their clients informed. Allotrac's track and trace solution captures each leg of the job and ensures drivers receive digital sign off when cross docking orders between depots. 

General Freight & Line - Haul

Here are some of our clients from the 

General Freight & Line - Haul industry.

Planning Screen

Pre-plan in advance including jobs with multiple legs. 

Bulk-edit and assign jobs to a different date with ease.

Bulk-update custom fields along with the date at anytime.

Bulk-edit and add stops for cross-docking. 

ag-Grid functionality. 


Intuitive drag and drop allocation screen.

Real-time information. 

Visibility on live job status. 

Ad-hoc allocation. 

View by fleet or division. 

Filter by delivery type.

Allocation restricted by licence class.

Manage Runs 

Create runs based on geographic location. 

Build runs in kg or m3. 

Have runs  automatically recur on certain dates. 

View maximum loaded weight when building runs. 

Flag run when assigned to a vehicle which is overloaded. 

Assign to a fleet or division. 


Create zones and attach rate cards per-zone. 

Setup boundaries on geographical areas for zonal pricing. 

Automatically assign jobs to a run based on the pick-up or delivery address.

Rate card is automatically assigned based on pick-up or delivery location on job entry. 

Vehicle Booking System 

Request transport from subcontractors.

Specify vehicle type, quantity, date and time slots. 

View specific set of vehicles or fleets you require on that date. 

Subcontractors can accept or reject transport bookings from their admin portal. 

Allocators are able to view available vehicles provided by subcontractors ready for allocation.  

Outside Labour Hire 

Manage subcontractors when outsourced to freight forwarders. 

Enable pre-start checklist on login.

Capture driver hours from start to finish. 

Minimum hours tracking available per-job. 

Driver asked to complete rate card of hours driven including return leg. 

Driver has the ability to record details throughout the hourly hire job. 

Sign-on-glass proof of delivery if required.

Automatically generate RCTI and invoice on job completion. 

Pallet Collection Process

Inventory control for pallets. 
Track in-and-out pallet movements per-site. 
Create pallet collection return jobs for drivers completing deliveries. 
Ability to create multiple one-off pallet only jobs for collection. 
Driver has the ability to create pick-up jobs whilst on the road.  

Sign-on-glass proof of delivery of how many pallets were collected per-site.

Swap Jobs

Drivers can swap jobs on the side of the road using near-field communication.

Driver and vehicle information is recorded against jobs which were swapped. 

Drivers can request a swap or recieve a swap from another driver.

Drivers can plan a swap with another driver in advance. 

Digital date and time stamp recorded in activities tab.