Control the drivers workflow in line with Chain of Responsibility and organisational requirements. Allotrac provides businesses with the option to configure the drivers workflow into a modern workspace. 

Pre-Start Checklists

Enable different checklist per-vehicle.

Call upon another checklist within a checklist. 

Receive alerts on line item failures. 

Drivers are forced to comment on line item failures. 

Stop drivers from proceeding on critical failures.

Drivers have the option to capture an image per-line item. 

View completed checklists in real-time. 

Download multiple pre-start checklists in xls. 

Fatigue Management 

Drivers receive voice activated alert 1 hour prior to rest break.

Countdown clock on mobility application for drivers to manage their next rest break. 

Receive alerts when drivers fail to take scheduled breaks.

Fatigue non-conformance reports are automatically generated.

Download fatigue non-conformance breach in pdf. 

Download multiple fatigue non-conformance breaches in xls. 

Electronic Work Diary 

Mobility application for the drivers to log breaks and record work hours. 

Driver dashboard indicating remaining hours until next shift. 

Driver dashboard indicating remaining days and hours until 24 hour rest break.

Driver dashboard indicating remaining days and hours until 2 days of night rest.

Countdown clock on mobility application for the drivers to manage their next rest break. 

Drivers can easily locate the nearest rest area for their next mandatory rest break.

Calendar view for the drivers to review their driving history. 

Fatigue breaches are flagged for the driver within their calendar. 

Drivers can manage and upload their own documents.

Drivers can share their data with selected companies. 

Concessional Mass Management 

Drivers can declare group axle weights digitally via their mobility application. 

Integration available to pre-populate group axle weights from weighbridge software. 

Mass non-conformance breaches are automatically generated per-job. 

Download multiple concessional mass management non-conformance breaches in xls.


Configure induction by outbound driver or by outbound vehicle.

Configure induction by contact or site address.

Make induction mandatory or non-mandatory.

Flag mandatory or non-mandatory inductions for allocation and dispatch.

View which outbound drivers are non-eligible, eligible or inducted per-contact. 

View which outbound vehicles are non-eligible, eligible or inducted per-contact. 

Over Speeds

Enable a maximum speed across all fleets and vehicles. 

Receive alerts when vehicles breach the maximum speed.

GPS Coordinates where the breach took place. 

Download overspeed breaches in xls. 


Australian Standard AS3547 Breathalyser. 

Wirelessly connects to the drivers tablet or smartphone device via Bluetooth. 

Ensure drivers BAC is 0.00% on login to the mobility application. 

Drivers image is captured for verification. 

Stop drivers from proceeding should their BAC exceed 0.00%.

Estimates when drivers BAC will return to 0.00%. 

Incorporate the breathalyser into the drivers daily workflow. 

Enable random breath testing across the fleet.