Transform your business into a paperless environment with easy to download applications. Allotrac provides the evolution of your workflows into a modern workspace with a BYOD model removing the need for hardware.

Allotrac Truck 

Control the driver's workflow to meet your customer and organisational requirements. 

Sign-on-Glass POD.

Capture weighbridge dockets.

Enable different pre-start checklists per-vehicle.

Configure standard or basic fatigue to manage driver hours. 

Capture group-axle weights for concessional mass management. 

Allotrac Kiosk 

Self-serve kiosk application for the driver upon pick-up.

Automated dispatch of paperless sales order to kiosk.

Pick-up and pre-start checklists available.

Induction check for drivers and vehicles.

Sign-on-glass POP upon completion.

The operator is automatically notified of the driver awaiting pick-up.

Allotrac Loader 

Automated yard dispatch.

Operator notified of inbound vehicle approaching yard. 

Loading area specified to avoid confusion upon drivers arrival to yard.

Sign-on-glass POP, delivery checklist, terms and conditions available on job completion.  

Allotrac Project Manager 

Supervisors can view live project data remotely.

Alert supervisors of driver efficiency per-project. 

Warning flags on tonnage levels per-project. 

Allotrac Mobile Crane

Purpose built software developed in conjunction with the crane industry.

JSA Checklists. 

Easy crew allocation. 

Simple asset allocation to job.

Operator and vehicle inductions. 

Minimum hours tracking per-job. 

Rate card per-crane type with client specific rates. 

Message crews well in advance with a click of a button.

Allotrac Electronic Work Diary

Mobility application for the drivers to log breaks and record work hours. 

Driver dashboard indicating remaining hours until next shift. 

Driver dashboard indicating remaining days and hours until 24 hour rest break.

Driver dashboard indicating remaining days and hours until 2 days of night rest.

Countdown clock on mobility application for the drivers to manage their next rest break. 

Drivers can easily locate the nearest rest area for their next mandatory rest break.

Calendar view for the drivers to review their driving history. 

Fatigue breaches are flagged for the driver within their calendar. 

Drivers can manage and upload their own documents.

Drivers can share their data with selected companies.