Allocation & Dispatch

 Seamlessly manage multiple fleets, drivers and third-party carriers from a single screen. Allotrac offers purpose built allocation screens for when you're planning in advance or making last minute changes. Revolutionise your workflows into a modern workspace and provide complete transparency no matter who is doing the job. 

Planning Screen

Pre-plan in advance including jobs with multiple legs. 

Bulk-edit and assign jobs to a different date with ease.

Bulk-update custom fields along with the date at anytime.

Bulk-edit and add stops for cross-docking. 

ag-Grid functionality. 


Intuitive drag and drop allocation screen.

Real-time information. 

Visibility on live job status. 

Ad-hoc allocation. 

View by fleet or division. 

Filter by delivery type.

Allocation restricted by licence class. 

Manage Runs 

Create runs based on geographic location. 

Build runs in kg or m3. 

Have runs automatically recur on certain dates. 

View maximum loaded weight when building runs. 

Flag run when assigned to a vehicle which is overloaded. 

Assign to a fleet or division. 


Create zones and attach rate cards per-zone. 

Setup boundaries on geographical areas for zonal pricing. 

Automatically assign jobs to a run based on the pick-up or delivery address.

Rate card is automatically assigned based on pick-up or delivery location on job entry. 

Instant Allocation

Purpose built for bulk-haulage vehicles on turnaround. 

Assign nearest truck returning back-to-base. 

Assign loads directly from the project. 

Calculate live data per-project. 

Alerts allocators of driver efficiency per-project. 

Warning flags on tonnage levels per-project. 

Vehicle Booking System

Request transport from subcontractors.

Specify vehicle type, quantity, date and time slots. 

View the specific set of vehicles or fleets you require on that date. 

Subcontractors can accept or reject transport bookings from their admin portal. 

Allocators are able to view available vehicles provided by subcontractors ready for allocation.